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The show is ON, with new Dates: Opening September 20, Coming down October 11.

NEW DATES: Show Opens Sept 20, Ends October 11!

Great news - the state has made an exception and given us a permit to put on the show!  (We've been working and planning to put on the show all summer, and this was a final hurdle.)  So we are ON...but with some changes:

1. Artists will put up their sculptures on Saturday September 19.

2. The show will open to the public on Sunday, September 20, and close at 2pm on Sunday, October 11.

3. We are doing many things to make the show safe for everybody during this COVID-19 Pandemic: Here are some of them:

  • Visitors are encouraged to come see the show on weekdays if at all possible - as, for safety, the park is trying to limit crowding.
  • Visitors will be asked to wear masks, and maintain social distancing, and not come in groups larger than 6. 
  • Instead of a printed catalog, we'll have a few big Map-signs,
  • ...AND a new Guide App for your phone, that will show you your location
  • We will not have a reception.
  • Visitors are asked not to touch sculptures.
  • And all other Park Covid-19 guidelines should be followed.

We are thrilled to be able to share with everyone the work that 50+ artists have been doing. 

We also will have extra funding challenges this year - and you can help by taking an Ad that will go on our three big maps and in our Guide App.  If you're interested, email Bert Snow at

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