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The show is ON, with new Dates: Opening September 20, Coming down October 11.

NEW DATES: Show Opens Sept 20, Ends October 11!

Great news - the state has made an exception and given us a permit to put on the show!  (We've been working and planning to put on the show all summer, and this was a final hurdle.)  So we are ON...but with some changes:

1. Artists will put up their sculptures on Saturday September…


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Application for Sculpture at Maudslay 2020 - Deadline extended to JUNE 3

Be part of the Outdoor Sculpture at Maudslay 2020 show! …


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Our Fall 2020 Outdoor Sculpture at Maudslay show, "Passage" is Happening!


In this terrifically difficult moment, when so many artistic, cultural, and musical events cannot happen, we are working hard to put on the 2020 Outdoor sculpture at Maudslay show in September as we have planned.

We will be making adjustments to all aspects of the show to…


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Sculpture at Maudslay 20th Retrospective POSTPONED

Due to the Coronavirus, we have postponed our planned 20-year retrospective of the Outdoor Sculpture at Maudslay show. …


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Here's our beautiful Poster!

Here's our beautiful poster, designed by Lynne and Jay Havighurst of Artfluence

(and also Maudslay…


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Information on the 20th Sculpture at Maudslay show for Journalists & PR

Thanks for helping spread the word about the 2019 Outdoor Sculpture at Maudslay show - our 20th!

Here is information on the show.  At the bottom of the post are images that you can download and use, along with attributions for those images.

This year's show is our twentieth show at Maudslay: the first was 1998, and we have taken two sabbatical years since, so this…


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Key Dates for the 2019 Sculpture at Maudslay Show

Here are key dates as we put together our 2019 show - which will be our 20th!

Applications due: May 27!

Site Walkthroughs: Sat June 15, 4pm,…


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Application Deadline EXTENDED to May 27

We have extended the application deadline to MONDAY MAY 27, 2019,

to give everyone a little more time if you need it. 

The application form can be downloaded below if you need it, and send us a message if you have questions.

We look forward to seeing your application for the 20th…


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2019 will be our Twentieth show! And the theme is 20/20 !

Our theme for this year's show will be 20/20!

To celebrate what will be our twentieth show, and also to think about looking forward and back, closely and into the future.

What inspires us from our own work and history, as we create…


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Catalog from the 2018 Show: "Connect"

If you didn't get out to see the 2018 show, it was  great, filled with surprises, large scale pieces, smaller beautiful pieces, color, humor, CONNECTions.  Here's the catalog!   (Photo is of Gordon and Damon's untitled piece)



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The show is UP! And looking great!

We had a great weekend putting up sculpture, with a lot of life in the park.  And now the show is up, and looking really really strong. 35 pieces ranging widely from small and quiet to big and audacious, heavy, light, colorful....

It's up right now for you to go see; free, from dawn to dusk..  The reception and tour will be Saturday the 15th from 2 to 5, where we'll tour the show and each artist will say a few words about their work. 



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Get Ready! The show goes up September 8-9! (And here's the poster)

Here's the beautiful poster for the show, designed by Lynne and Jay Havighurst of Artfluence. You can download high and low res versions below.…


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Application deadline extended to May 29!

Good news! We are giving everyone an extra week to get your application for Sculpture at Maudslay in! The new due date is May 29.

We'll review the apps, and get back to you with questions, and the next thing you'll need to do is attend one of the Walkthroughs June 16 or…


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And the theme for the 2018 show is CONNECT !

The theme for the 2018 Outdoor Sculpture at Maudslay show will be CONNECT!   We feel like this theme will inspire a wide range of ideas, and can relate to physical construction and materials, or concepts, or visual approaches, and who knows what else! 

Applications are due MAY 21, so get thinking!  (2018 Application form attached…


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Catalog of the 2017 Show

To start getting you ready for the 2018 show,

take a look at all the great work created for the 2017 show last fall. 

A LOT of strong work from the artists.  …


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Here's the beautiful poster ArtFluence has designed for the 2017 show!

Thanks to Lynne and Jay Havighurst of ArtFluence for a beautiful poster, that I think gets at many aspects of our 2017 theme, Tension.  Download a hi-res version to print, or low-res version to share on social media!…


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The 2017 Show goes up Sept 9-10!!

38 Artists featured in the 2017 Sculpture at Maudslay show!

We'll be in the park Sept 9, installing, and the show opens September 10.  Our theme this year is TENSION, and we artists will play with all the meanings of that term, stretching it to create a wide range of insightful, interactive, interesting…


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Application Deadline Extended to May 29th! (Here's the form)

Hello artists,

We're giving everyone an extra week to get your application in to us.

The new deadline is Monday May 29. Applications should be dropped off or postmarked by then.

If you have any questions, you can email Bert Snow at

Here's the application form:



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And the Theme for 2017 is...TENSION

Hello all,  We had a lively meeting to debate and choose our theme  for this year, and the winner was TENSION.  We like that it has many meanings, and relates to all kinds of physical and creative relationships as well as psychological tension.  We look forward to seeing how artists work with this…


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Artists: Want to help with this year's show: We've got teams to join!

Hello Sculpture at Maudslay members!

We're getting to work on the 2017 show, and aiming to be reasonably well organized this year.

We've figured out everything that needs to get done, and set up nine teams to handle the 9 main areas.  Now we need people in each team.  The teams and work are all listed in the attached PDF.…


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