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Here's how to apply to Sculpture at Maudslay 2023!

The application form for this year's Outdoor Sculpture at Maudslay show is live, so it's time to work on your application and get it in. Here's what you need to know:

1. Before you apply:  Before you click the link to fill out your application, you'll need:

- To be ready to describe what you propose to build, including title, materials, construction etc.

- If you have sketches, you'll need to scan them (or photograph with your phone) so you can upload the photos.

- Some ideas for where you'd like to site your sculpture. (You'll need to give us 3 potential locations)  The show area is the same as past years.

2. . The application is online only.  Please click the link below when you are ready to apply.  The application form contains all the regulations and instructions.  And if you need to change something after you submit, you can do that. (The email you receive after submitting will have a link to revise your application.) 

Application link:
If you have trouble with the application form, please email Bert.

2. The application deadline is May 22.

3. As in the past few years, we're limited to 50 sculptures. We'll take the first 50 workable applications. So don't wait til the last minute. (Applications beyond 50 will go on the wait list, in case a space opens up if artists need to drop out.)

All other info, regulations are in the application form! (And the theme is FRACTURE).

We look forward to your application!



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