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Artists! Take Part in our 2017 Show! Here's Application & Info

Interested in taking part in a supportive, award-winning outdoor sculpture show?  If you have an inspiration, join us and create a sculpture for the 2017 Outdoor Sculpture at Maudslay show.  

The show takes place in September, and is  open to artists connected to the north shore area.  We support each other as a community to create strong works, and artists from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.  The focus of the show is…


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And the theme for 2016 will be... BLUE

We had a great meeting with a good group, and a number of ideas emailed in as well -- 36 total.  We used our patented process,  and the winning theme was BLUE.   I think it will be very interesting: yes, it's a color, but also has references to music, to love, to sadness, and perserverence.   It will be fun to see what everyone does with…

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TUES Feb 16: Meeting to choose the THEME for Sculpture at Maudslay 2016,

We'll hold the meeting to choose the theme  for this year's show

at Bert's house at 66 Marlboro Street Newburyport at 7:30 PM.

We'll use our top secret process to choose our theme.  Come if you're interested in getting involved in this year's show, and bring up to 3 ideas for a theme.  …


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Saturday Sept 12 is Installation Day!

Saturday artists will be at the park all day installing their sculptures.

It's actually a fun day to come by the park, as you get to see the work-in-progress for many artists who are doing site specific works (like yours truly)..

And you might get asked to hold a ladder, or hand up a rope, or who knows what.  We'll photograph the sculptures at the end of the day, and the show will officially open on Sunday the 13th.  

The reception and tour will be the following Saturday…


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Here's the beautiful 2015 Poster!

Designed by Lynne and Jay Havighurst of Artfluence.

Look in the Forum for downloadable versions, a high-res version to print, a lower res version to email!  Send em out!

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Key Dates for Sculpture at Maudslay 2015

Hi artists!  Here are key dates for the 2015 show:

Preliminary walkaround: Date TBD

Applications due: Mon, May 18

Site Walkthroughs: Sat June 20, 4pm, or Monday June 22, 7pm

Install sculptures: Sat Sept 12; Sculptures photographed at 5pm, and Sunday AM.

Show opens: Sunday Sept 13

Reception: Saturday, Sept 19

Show closes: Sun…


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And the theme for the 2015 show is: LINK !

We have chosen the theme for this years show:  LINK !  We had a lively discussion, and followed our hallowed top-secret process.  LINK emerged victorious after multiple rounds of voting and good arguments.  We like that it's active, that it has many meanings, and that we're interested to see what artists will do with it!

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We will be taking a Sabattical in 2014

Hello Maudslay friends,

We will not be putting on a show in 2014.  

We're taking the year off - to recharge batteries and to do some needed work to strengthen our organization for the future.  If you are interested in joining the show in 2015, and/or in helping us put on the show, please join our group here on this site and you can email us through the site.  We'll get to work on the 2015 show starting in October.  We'll miss…


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Here's the Poster!

Here's our poster for this year's show -- thanks to Lynne and Jay - it looks great.  Please download, print, post, share...get the word out!  See links at bottom to download version for email or print.!



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CALL TO ARTISTS: For Sculpture at Maudslay 2013


If you have an inspiration to create an outdoor sculpture, you are invited to be part of Outdoor Sculpture at Maudslay this fall.  This unique exhibition brings together artists from many walks of life to create site-specific sculptures in the Park. 

The Theme of this year's show will be INTERTWINE. …


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And the theme for the 2013 show is... INTERTWINE

We had a lively meeting to debate and decide the theme for the 2013 show.  Everybody brought 3 ideas, (some sent em in from afar..) and we followed our "hallowed" process of rounds of voting to narrow the list down, until we ended up with two finalists: Intertwine and Between.  Intertwined won the final vote (but it was close), but with no fisticuffs.  Thanks to everyone who came and participated!

I think it will be a great theme - it's dynamic, organic, evocative and specific…


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The 2012 Poster!

A beautiful design by Lynne and Jay Havighurst of ArtFluence and Maudslay sculpture fame!  Please download and use this in your own emails, etc.  We also have printed posters to put up.

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And the theme for the 2012 Show is......


We had a great meeting with a lot of good ideas contributed by the artists who came, and others sent in by those of you who couldn't make it.  After following our "hallowed" voting process, Inside-out won out.  This should be a really interesting theme - lots of potential meanings.

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2011 Play thank you

What a great topic and fun show this year.  We need more play these days.  Thank you all.

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Reception & Tour this Saturday 17th! 2-5! Please Come!

We'll start with refreshments, then we'll take a tour of all the sculpures, with artists saying a few words about each.  It's a lot of fun -- sort of like a pub crawl, but with art instead of pubs....  It looks to be a beautiful day....

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Great articles on the 2010 show in the Current and the Newburyport Daily News

Mary Jo Shafer writes an interesting article on the show in the Current:

...and Sonya Vartabedian writes a thoughtful introduction to the show in the Newburyport Daily News:…


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The Show is UP and looking Great!

This past Saturday, 34 artists worked busily under a beautiful blue sky, populating the park with 34 sculptures, many working with this year's theme of TRACE. It's a great day, when we finally get to see what everybody has been working on, and this year we definitely have a lot of interesting, strong work.

I'll start uploading photos today...

and come to the Tour / Reception on this Saturday, the 18th, 2 to 5!

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Our Poster is here!

We have a beautiful poster for the show, designed by Lynne and Jay Havighurst aka ArtFluence! You can use the jpeg version for email invites, the high-res PDF if you want to print. Also, printed version can be found in a plastic container on my porch at 66 Marlboro Street. Grab a few and put them up!

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Information for Catalogue due

Dear Artists,

this is a reminder that we need your info for the exhibition catalogue. Most of you have sent this with your application, but if you made changes in the meantime please send an updated version now. Title of piece, description and short bio - please remember to be brief (100 word limit total). Send your updated information to Bettina Turner at I will be typing in this information soon and start contacting those whose info may be incomplete or hard… Continue

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Well, TRACE is not a one-trick word, that's for sure...


1. a surviving mark, sign, or evidence of the former existence, influence, or action of some agent or event; vestige: traces of an advanced civilization among the ruins. 2. a barely discernible indication or evidence of some quantity, quality, characteristic, expression, etc.: a trace of anger in…

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