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We had a great weekend putting up sculpture, with a lot of life in the park.  And now the show is up, and looking really really strong. 35 pieces ranging widely from small and quiet to big and audacious, heavy, light, colorful....

It's up right now for you to go see; free, from dawn to dusk..  The reception and tour will be Saturday the 15th from 2 to 5, where we'll tour the show and each artist will say a few words about their work. 

Here are a few shots from installation day...

Nancy Sander, Susan Bliss and Pike Messenger
Step Into My Skin
Saplings, ground cloth/fabric, paint

Lisa Victoria installing Wheel of Fortune... you'll have to come see what's on it...

Adrien, Tavish and Keva Kirby
Hula hoops, chicken wire, fabric/yarn scraps

And lots more great work....

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