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Welcome! If you're interested in participating, JOIN this network to keep up with we're doing to put on our 2024 show in September!

About the Show

Sculpture at Maudslay is a site-specific sculpture show that takes place each year at Maudslay State Park in Newburyport. Our next show will take place this September.

The show is open to artists from the north shore region. Please investigate this site, and join our social network to learn more and get involved.

 The show is organized by all of us, the artists!


May 29: Applications due

June 15, 4 pm & June 17, 7 pm: Walkthroughs to confirm sites (choose one)

Sept 7:  Artists install sculptures

Sept 8: Show opens

Sept 14 or 15, 2- 5 pm: Opening reception and tour at Park.  

Sept 29, 12 pm: Show closes


Blog Posts

Here's the application form for our 2024 Show! (Deadline May 29).

Hello artists,

The application form for our 2024 show is live (it's online) and you can apply now!

Here's the link:

We invite artists from (or with connection to) the Merrimack River Valley region to apply! 

Our theme this year is THREAD.

Deadline is May 29.  As in recent years, we are limited to 50 artists, and will accept the first 50 workable proposals. So don't wait until the last minute.

All other info you'll need is in the application form!

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Posted by Bert Snow on May 8, 2024 at 2:48pm

And the theme for Sculpture at Maudslay 2024 will be... THREAD!

In a lively meeting on a cool March evening, we chose the theme THREAD for our 2024 Outdoor Sculpture at Maudslay show.  We're excited - it feels like many inspirations can unravel from this word....

Posted by Bert Snow on March 27, 2024 at 11:13am


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